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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Lithuanians Voice - Lietuviu Balsas Radio Broadcast -Featuring Rytis Cicinas

The Lithuanians Voice - Lietuviu Balsas Radio Broadcast
FEATURING: Rytis Cicinas

and songs from his album Balta Žuvedra - White Seagull
also, hear the opening song "Ilgiausiu Metu" - Have a long Life - a birthday song.
On the occasion of ones birthday Lithuanians don't celebrate the past, but wish
 that the celebrant a long life - hear this song of future well wishes, "Have a Long LIfe."
LITHUANIANS VOICE radio broadcasts featuring music by many talented entertainers.
"The Lithuanians Voice" radio broadcast- at TLTV tab

Labor Day September 6 in
Brockton, Massachusetts at the
Convent Grounds of the Sisters of Jesus Crucified,
primarily a Lithuanian congregation
261 Thatcher St, Brockton MA.
11:am - 6:00pm
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