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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Lithuanians new MEMBER YEAR 2011

Hello / Labas

October 1, 2010 is the official start of our new MEMBER YEAR 2011 to subscribe to the support of THE LITHUANIANS and all we do.

This subscription supports what we do - helps with the operating and maintenance cost of "The Lithuanians " effort.

Some don't understand the need to support something worth while. The Internet is free as we all know. However, there is a cost to bring this all forward to the Internet. It is this cost that you can help with.

Please think about supporting "The Lithuanians" and all that is done.

Browse the over 1,000 URL pages and see if it is worth supporting.

What would you miss if "The Lithuanians" was no more?
What would others miss, those seeking their Lithuanian heritage, those seeking Lietuvybe for the first time.


Raymond Balta
Raimundas Balta
Webmaster, Broadcaster,  Moderator
The Lithuanians Voice
The Lithuanians

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