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Saturday, September 04, 2010

TLTV The Lithuanians Voice - Lietuviu Balsas Radio Broadcast

The Lithuanians Voice - Lietuviu Balsas Radio Broadcast
FEATURING: A Group of talented entertainers

Rytis Cicinas, Ovidas Vysniaukas, Junior, Danute Mileka and Edmundas Cibas on piano, Monika, Vytautas Kernagis,  Dennis Polisky and Virgis Stakenas

Hear this talented Group
LITHUANIANS VOICE radio broadcasts featuring music by many talented entertainers.
"The Lithuanians Voice" radio broadcast- at TLTV tab

Labor Day September 6 in
Brockton, Massachusetts at the
Convent Grounds of the Sisters of Jesus Crucified,
primarily a Lithuanian congregation
261 Thatcher St, Brockton MA.
11:am - 6:00pm
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The Lithuanians Voice Radio Broadcast and other Media

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