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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Lithuanians: Today was no fun with NETLOG

My sincerest appologies for the inadadvertant email sent out from NETLOG.

This was unintentional.

I can't seem to get back in to unsubscribe from NETLOG.

I was invited by a friend and thought all was OK. The site I was invited to was in Lithuanian and I was unfamiliar with the Pre Set Preferences.

WOW! What a shocker when I realized that my entire address book was used to send out invitations. I never do this type of invite.  And the PREFERENCES are unreal - you have to uncheck vs check, GGGRRRR

This is totally uncalled for. My deepest regrets as friends and other contacts may have thought that a virus hit me. No, no virus just a technical glitch - something lost in the language translation and a very aggressive NETLOG.

I did everything I could to avoid another series of email from or through NETLOG.

I just spent over 10 hours trying to fix things and sending out email to all who got the INVITATION TO NET LOG.  Many of my friends do not speak Lithuanian etc.

AGAIN a BIG apology for this even I learned my lesson - BUT BE VERY HAPPY that this WAS NOT A VIRUS but a very aggressive social network - NETLOG is not for me!!!

The Lithuanians

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