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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Lithuanians Voice radio broadcast featuring "Vairas" and more..

VAIRAS - Featured Lithuanian Entertainers

Today's radio broadcast of THE LITHUANIANS VOICE features numerous Lithuanian entertainers and introduces "VAIRAS" who will be appearing in the Worcester, Massachusetts area in June, 2011.

See them on JUNE 4 at:

2011 LAUNA Lithuanian Sports Festival

Lithuanian Athletic Union of North America - LAUNA / Ć ALFASS
Hosted by Maironis Park,
52 So. Quinsigamond Ave.,
Shrewsbury, MA 05145
Each evening at 7:00PM Shrewsbury MA
June 3, 4 & 5, 2011

SATURDAY 7:00PM June 4th

featuring both
Vairas & The Small Farm Animals

Event information - contact Garsys at or 508-353-5079

For Food and Saturday Party Ticket Information,

Contact: Irene Markevicius at 508-799-5469.

Hear the radio broadcast also at

TLTV The Lithuanians Voice radio Broadcast

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