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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Peter Rabbit Wants to Learn Lithuanian Oldest Living Language

Peter Rabbit meets Kiškis Piškis and wants to go to Lithuania and learn Lithuanian.

New attempt

The Lithuanians


Ben said...

You know, out of all the language-learning tools I've experienced, I can honestly say that this method is the most useful (my opinion) for someone with a moderate grasp of the Lithuanian language. Did you come up with the idea yourself? Having one side of the conversation in English and the other in Lithuanian?

When I listen to an entire dialog in Lithuanian, I tend to get pulled behind as my brain constantly tries to translate. It feels like a lot of work, and after a while, I get lost. Sometimes, I just stop the playback for a minute to process it and let my brain reset, but that's cumbersome. With one side of the conversation in English, though, my brain gets a chance to "catch up" on the Lithuanian side and refresh itself before the next sentence. Also, when you use the occasional word I don't know, the English side puts it in context and I can figure out the meaning. It's a really great experience!

Seriously, you should make a CD-length recording of this kind of stuff. I can see people playing it in their cars as a learning tool during their commute to work.

Again, nicely done!

Raymond said...

I Think you have been following the language lesson at website for many years. The emphasis has always been finding a way to teach Lithuanian in a conversational style.

The problem has been getting the message out - further out. See the Animated Language Lessons - and Stories using bilingual audio, video and text.

This is the first time a full animation has been created by TLTV using a bilingual method and getting it on YouTube. This may not be an origional iudea, but it is original for me, since no one showed this technique to me. The animation technique I learned by trial and error - used it in the TYPEWRITER many years ago AND later in EGLUTE - The Christmas Tree.

These animations take time. This one took most of the day for 1:22 minute long animation.

A CD is a good idea, but I have always tried to share from the beginning, since 2000. This is how the website and other media developed with the support of avid patrons of ame mind and spirit.

I will try to create more such projects, animations to catch the viewers interest in learning Lithuanian - conversational approach and with a hook to get their attention - short clips.

I will try to archive these, maybe a CD would be in order for a donation to "TheLithuanians" website.

Glad you enjoyed this effort.