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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lithuania vs Macedonia 2011 Eurobasket

Lithuania Basketball Schedule and scores update

You can follow the game's progress LIVE see the score
advancing and how the players are scoring.
Lithuania vs Slovenia 15:30 hr Vilnius time
or 8:30 AM Eastern Time USA Thursday 9-15-2011 - already played

Eurobasket First Round Group A
31.08.2011 vs GBR [W] 80-69
01.09.2011 vs POL [W] 97-77
02.09.2011 vs TUR [W] 75-68
04.09.2011 vs ESP [L] 79-91

Eurobasket Second Round, Group E
05.09.2011 vs POR [W] 98-69
07.09.2011 vs SRB [W] 100-90
09.09.2011 vs FRA [ L] 67-73
11.09.2011 vs GER [W] 84-75

Eurobasket Quarter Finals
14.09.2011 vs MKD [L] 65-67 NEW Macedonia S-finals
15.09.2011 vs SLO 15:30 8:30 AM Thurs W/ Slovenia

 See available games at KAMERA 3 Play list - details below at The Lithuanians website

KAMERA 3 - See Basketball Music videos[2], basketball video clips and complete games with Germany,  UK and Poland
- Germany has been added by Quarter at the top of the play list 1-2-3-4th quarter
- use the player arrows to advance - See in FULL VIEW

More action to be added when availabable..


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