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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LITHUANIAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL Šeštadieninė Mokykla -Saturday School

Many years ago many attended Saturday School -   Šeštadieninė Mokykla to learn the Lithuanian language, history, culture and music. But many didn't have the opportunity for various reasons. Or some have a new found interest in the language and the people. Now, this site is attempting to bring, in a small way, that Lietuvybė - that Lithuanian spirit, to those who seek it.

Language School -
Click Saturday School - Šeštadieninė Mokykla
Learn a word or two, a phrase. Take the first basic step to read and hear Lithuanian. You can come here any time. The school is open seven days a week. Subscribe to the Member Archive.

THE LITHUANIANS - Learn a little of  Lithuanian language, ABC's, culture, music, videos Television, radio broadcasts, see  videos Musu Miesteliai - Our Villages and much much more - over 1,100 URL pages

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