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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LTV WORLD - Live Lithuanian TV

See Live Television from Lithuania


Daily TV broadcasts All three Stations when they broadcast

Daily programs 24/7 from Lithuania - News, Musicals - and more
Seek out the above ICON at the HOME tab
Please note there is a 7 hour difference to ET Eastern Time. Two of the stations go off the air about midnight Lithuanian Time or about 5:00PM ET.
LTV WORLD operates 24/7 - rebroadcasts several programs all day and night long.
Programs are viable unless there is too high a demand. If too high a demand at any given time, programs may fracture. Return at another time.
Otherwise, enjoy these live programs -
Example: See PANORAMA EVENING NEWS live at 2:30PM ET daily
                See LABAS RYTAS Live 11:00 PM ET [6:00AM LT] - due to time difference starts the day before for ET Zone

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