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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Port Richmond PA: Lithuanian Festival and Craft Fair - Muge

Port Richmond:
Lithuanian Festival and Craft Fair - Muge

Lithuanian Music Hall Annual Event

Port Richmond: Lithuanian Festival and Craft Fair - Muge:
Saturday and Sunday November ,,5th and 6th. 12 to 5 pm
Lithuanian Music Hall

Last year's Press Release

From Millie Markauskaite Heldt

Lietuviu Namai: the “Lithuanian home,” is a cherished notion for a people who for many years endured occupation and displacement.

For those of Lithuanian descent living in Philadelphia and surrounding areas,
Port Richmond has become that home.

The annual Lithuanian Festival and Craft Fair, now in its 33nd year, is the largest event that brings the Philadelphia Lithuanian-American community back to Port Richmond to celebrate in its heritage. The weekend event, a mélange of Lithuanian culture, is the biggest fundraiser for the Lithuanian Music Hall, where it is held.

For two days, Nov. 5 and 6, fair goers will enjoy traditional music, dancing and singing, while vendors offer the chance for guests to stock up on Christmas goodies, amber jewelry and native foods.


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