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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Are you an American or a Lithuanian

This question has been asked of me numerous times "Are you an American or a Lithuanian?"

Just answered another comment on YouTube: [Wow comments and I haven't finished an announcement]

I hope this answered many inquiries. I never gave it much thought, in that I have been a Lithuanian for so long. But, an American is unusual. As I mentioned, America is a melting pot.

I really appreciate America, unlike some. You see my answer to some in America who don't appreciate America is "I picked America, You had no choice."

Some Lithuanians don't appreciate Lietuva. You only appreciate something after you lose it or when you have a choice. Keep it and Love it. Live FREE or Die - NH state motto

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Anonymous said...

Is Raymondus reading the Lithuanian?

Raymond said...

It's Raimundas - Raymond. Yes, Anonymous! You are hearing my voice. And, as in any production one's thoughts are scripted so as to keep on message. Do you watch the NEWS or other programs on Television? - They are all scripted for a basic format and planned as to length of time.This provides order and .... Thank you for your question. Regards,Raimundas / Raymond PS I sign my posts, comments.