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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ausytes - Kucios Lithuanian Christmas Eve Appetizer

- Kucios Lithuanian Christmas Eve Appetizer

The simplest recipe for making a BASIC recipe for Ausytes Lithuanian Christmas Eve Appetizer.
Kucios is the Christmas Eve celebration by Lithuanians. The recipe is in its most basic form for making Aysytes.

HOWEVER: The dough can be hand made. Mushrooms are cooked by some, then diced.
Finely diced onions sauteed in canola oil and then add the mushrooms, spice with salt or Soy Sauce and stir to taste. Some even boil the Ausytes and eat with sour cream on the side. Frying the Ausytes may actually be the tastiest, eaten along with a broth made with Beet Juice and some Fish broth.

Naturally, you may come across numerous traditional variations depending on the Lithuanian Ethnic Region and the preparers talent at making it unique.

But, the Kucios tradition most often includes Ausytes.

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