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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Program Guide

To all The Lithuanians / Letuviai and Friends of THE LITHUANIANS

Happy Lithuanian Independence Day - February 16
Su Lietuvos NepriklausomybÄ—s diena - Vasario 16ta

Lithuanian National Anthem - Lietuvos Himnas

Pasaulio PANORAMA Saturday World NEWS February 12, 2012
3:30 PM Vilnius, Lithuania

TLTV-The Lithuanians Voice - Lietuviu Balsas, Weekly Radio Broadcasts
Two broadcast available -
1- Variety of notable Lithuanian Entertainers
Vytautas Kernagis, Stasys Povilaitis, Inga Valinskiene,Studentai,
Edmund as Kucinskas, Aleksandras Makejjevas,
Violeta Riaubis^kyte, 16Hz ir kapela Iki ryto,
2. Vasario 16 - February 16 Special

HOME tab - point of all resources -
LIBRARY tab - three Internet Books - NEW "ANTHOLOGY"

BLOGSPOT tab - Archived announcements and videos.

THANK YOU / ACIU for your comments.

NOTE: A complete bi lingual program would be too difficult to present.

This effort's purpose is to reach Lithuanians, Those of Lithuanian Decent and Those Interested in Lithuania.

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