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Friday, February 24, 2012

Programs, Maintenance and Upgrade

Today "Studio A" will be off line for up to four hours or more.

The new cable company will be installing / replacing the outside cable from the pole that was torn down by hurricane Irene last year.

Switching to the new cable company, it is hoped that service  will improve overall with much faster speeds.

FYI, up to 25Mbps is what is promised by the current provider.
However, checking with a speed test, the download range has been 1.79 Mbps to 9.85Mbps. This slowness has caused operational problems , slow. In effect it has taken much more time to accomplish tasks.

Since, operations run most of the day, delays sometimes cause programs not to be run - out of time.
So, hopefully, the new provider will deliver the speeds as promised, at least better speeds, closer to the maximum advertised.

LABAS RYTAS - GOOD MORNING - Communication with Lithuania resulted in ironing out the technical delays and unavailability of programs earlier this week.

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