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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lithuanian American Story

Lithuanian American - Introduction

I was born in a little country in central Europe, Lithuania.
Today Lithuania is rather well known, at least known by more than many years ago.

I am proud of my native land for which I have had a burning inside since early childhood. Every once in a while I'm asked about Lithuania by friends, neighbors, strangers and now by Lithuanians from Lithuania - Lietuva when they find out my heritage, my roots. Some question if I am a Lithuanian or an American.

Well, I decided to start writing a book to answer some of these questions that keep coming up. Hope my Lithuanian friends are able to read about my adventures so far.

I am a First Generation Lithuanian American, born in Kaunas, Lithuania may years ago.

This is my story. Also the story of many. How I became a proud Lithuanian American without forgetting my heritage. This book may be quite apropriate for the website "THE LITHUANIANS - LIETUVIAI for this is what this journey is all about.... sharing.

You can read this Book in the process of being written - an Internet Book - It may answer many of the questions asked and give you some insight what an immigrant experieced first hand, some of the Lumps and Bumps."



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