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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lithuanian Television's Three Channels

A link to Lithuanian Television's three channels is available at our website "The Lithuanians.

Lithuanian Television from LRT [Lithuanian Radio and Television]
LTV broadcasts an average of 18 hours per day and is seen throughout the country [LIthuania]..
Complete details in Lithuanian

Particular attention is paid to children's broadcasts, in the evening prime-time [Lithuania] showing valuable documentary films and programs about culture and education.
LTV 2-channel mission and complete details in Lithuanian

LTV WORLD is the third Lithuanian public television channel, operated by Lithuanian Radio and Television.
The channel broadcasts 24 hours and is a mix of original programming from LTV and LTV2.

LTV WORLD was launched at the end of September 2007.
In Europe it is available through Sirius 4 satellite, also free of charge to Kabel Digital subscribers in Germany.

In North America can be viewed free of charge on satellite Galaxy 19, 97 West.

A Link to these three channels is available at our website free of charge with no hardware required to view. These programs come via the Internet from LRT and can get impacted when there is a large viewership at a given time. This can result in a frozen image, however, audio may still be heard. Just refresh the player window, or just listen to the program

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