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Monday, August 01, 2011

Vytautas Katilius dies, former leader "Vairas" 1982 - 1991

Chicago, Vytautas Katilius dies, former leader leader of the group Vairas

2011 August 1
Article written Ruta Juknevičiūtė
[Translated for this blog by TLTV]

Heart attack took the life of Vytautas Katilius on Friday in Chicago (USA).

Vytautas Katilius, Siauliai Lithuania, was the legendary leader of the group "Vairas" from 1982 -to 1991.
Last year Katilius mentioned his fiftieth anniversary. The last fifteen years he lived in the U.S., in Chicago.

Group "Vairas" vocalist Rolandas Janusas and current leader of the group, received news of the death of his colleague Saturday night, as the group returned  from the Klaipeda Sea Festival concerts. The festivities also featured V. Katilius creative songs. Songs still being sung, "I was born in the same time," "Brothers".

R. Janusas last saw his colleague in June, when the group "Vairas" toured  in Chicago.
Vairas also performed in the Worcester, Massachusetts area in early June of this year.

"He had no complaints about his health," - said Mr Janusas, graduate guitar studies at the United States. V. Katilius planned to return to Lithuania in December

The group "Vairas's" loss - was not the first. A few years ago eternal rest took former vocalist Vilius Davolio.
Then, a year ago, death also took the group leader vocalist Edmond Čirvinsko.

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Vairas tribute will be aired in Memoriam of  Vytautas Katilius
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